Western needs customer help to update website

Communication with customers is the key to productive business relationships, and the Energy Services website is how we maintain that dialogue. So we are excited to be a part of the project to redesign Western’s agency-wide website, because it gives us the opportunity to ask you what kind of changes you would like to see.

To ensure that the new design meets your needs, we are asking you, our customers, to weigh in with your ideas and experiences. When you visit any page on the Energy Services website, you will notice a line at the top of the page, “Help us re-design this page. Click here to assist.” Follow that link to complete a short questionnaire about your use of the website.

Energy Services visitors can help out by paying particular attention to question 7. This is where you can offer specific suggestions about the website. Don’t pull any punches—let us know what works for you, what doesn’t, what you would like to see more of and what leaves you scratching your head.

If you really want to make a difference in the direction of the website redesign, fill out the form on question 8. We will contact you to schedule a short user testing session, where we share our screen with you. You will be asked to locate content within the site, talk about your experience navigating through it and offer suggestions on improving your experience. The whole process should take about 30 minutes or less, and you would be making a great contribution to Energy Services and your fellow customers. You may also contact the Energy Service Bulletin editor if you are interested in participating in user testing.

Maintaining a website for a rapidly changing and highly technical industry like the utility industry requires constant vigilance and ongoing communication. We appreciate your input on our website content, now and in the future.