Try one easy energy-saving resolution

The year is still young so it is not too late to make a resolution to use less energy in 2017–or to encourage your customers to do so. DOE Energy Saver recommends that people choose one easy step that makes them feel good and congratulate themselves each time they do it.

Just one thing, like turning off power strips when not using the connected electronics, or replacing a manual light switch in one busy room with an occupancy sensor, can add up to savings for your customers. In addition to saving energy, taking action builds awareness about energy use that could make your customers more receptive to bigger measures.

Check out the article on the Energy Saver blog and think about how your utility could use the “One Easy Step” strategy to start an energy-saving resolution campaign. And don’t forget to share your story with Energy Services Bulletin.

Have a happy, safe and efficient New Year.

Source: DOE Energy Savers, 1/4/17