New water heating system could improve multi-family residential efficiency

June 18
12:00 p.m. PDT

Introducing energy-efficiency into the residential rental market is a continual challenge to utility program managers, but a new technology has shown promise for reducing energy use in large multi-family buildings. Join the Emerging Technologies Showcase series on June 18 at 12:00 p.m. PDT to learn about Reverse Cycle ChillersRedirecting to a non-government site.

The free webinar will feature speakers from Seattle City Light discussing the new type of heat pump hot water heating system. The presentation includes case studies of a few Seattle projects, lessons learned, best practices, initial data on verified energy use, as well as the technology itself.

Western supports the Emerging Technologies showcase, sponsored by the Bonneville Power Administration. The monthly webinars bring you the latest information about new energy-efficiency technologies and practices that may be available commercially to help utilities meet their planning, environmental and budgeting goals. All webinars are recorded and available on the E3T websiteRedirecting to a non-government site and ConduitRedirecting to a non-government site.