New report looks at utility business models for energy storage

Navigant Research You are leaving and Sunverge Energy, Inc. You are leaving have teamed up to produce a white paper highlighting opportunities to embrace energy storage in ways that benefit both public utilities and their customers.

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory estimates that the technical potential of rooftop solar photovoltaics (PV) in the United States represents the equivalent of 39 percent of current U.S. electricity sales. The capacity from solar panels, advanced batteries and other forms of distributed energy resources (DER) is likely to keep growing. Some in the industry see this trend as the beginning of the “utility death spiral.” There are optimists, however, who see the chance for utilities—especially publically owned utilities—to reinvent themselves and their customer relationships.

According to the report, Making Sense of New Public Power DER Business Models, advanced energy storage can optimize DER to provide value on either side of the meter. In three featured case studies, public utilities, including Sacramento Municipal Utility DistrictYou are leaving leveraged the diverse services energy storage can offer if coupled with state-of-the-art controls software. Smart storage applications proved to be the key to delivering win-win results such as improved reliability, more resilience and greater customer satisfaction.

Public power providers are uniquely positioned to explore new energy service delivery models that can turn the challenge of integrating DER into customer partnerships. You can learn more about innovative business models and up-and-coming technologies by downloading a free copy of Making Sense of New Public Power DER Business Models.

Source: Public Power Daily, 5/9/16

Webinar highlights public utilities’ low-income programs

American Public Power Association is offering a webinar, Tuesday, July 27, on “Keeping Low Income and Payment Troubled Customers Connected in Tough Economic Times.” The webinar is scheduled from 2 to 3:30 p.m. Eastern time.

Continued high unemployment, runaway health care costs, high wholesale energy prices and a host of other economic pressures are making it increasingly difficult for millions of consumers to stay current on monthly electric and gas utility bills. Learn how public power utilities, with their unique cash flow and capital requirements, can fund, design, target and deliver effective bill payment assistance programs that make sense for all customers. Participants will hear what customer service options make the most sense in these volatile economic times. The speakers will also discuss how large and small public power systems develop administrative efficiencies to lower the cost of delivering effective programs and customer service.

This webinar will present participants with a catalog of options for public power utilities, and include a presentation from a utility with a successful low income program. Speakers include: Roger Colton, attorney and economist; John Howat, senior energy policy analyst for the National Consumer Law Center; and Francine Artis, customer solutions manager for Tacoma Power.

Register online, or contact Heidi Lambert at 202-467-2921 for more information.

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