Download the updated Cooling Tip Sheet, bill stuffer

Cooling season is once again upon us, and yours may already be shifting into high gear, so there is no time like the present to remind your consumers about the importance of maintaining their air

The 2015 Tip Sheet: Cooling System Maintenance, and its “Mini-me” bill stuffer are ready to be downloaded, imprinted with your logo and given to your customers before they call to complain about high summer cooling bills. Both handouts break down the simple steps that keep air conditioners humming efficiently, and offer operating tips to make sure a cooling system is not fighting an uphill battle.

The full-size sheet includes websites for those who might want to do a little more research on efficient cooling. That makes it a good handout for customer education events. The bill stuffer provides the same information, minus the online resources, in the perfect size to fit into a business envelope. Customers can post it on their refrigerators, near their cooling systems or in home workshops. You might also print up a batch of stuffers for cooling contractors and dealers to hand out to their customers.

We designed The Tip Sheet so you can set it up with your own logo, or send Energy Services an electronic version of your logo and we’ll create a template for you. Then you can print the quantity you need in-house, or take it to your local quick printer for more paper choices. Either way, The Tip Sheet and bill stuffer give you an easy, cost-effective way to talk to your customers about cooling efficiency, and to help you with summer load control.