Western congratulates Loup Power District on 80th anniversary

The Loup River Public Power District, a wholesale customer of Nebraska Public Power District Redirecting to a non-government site, built its 35-mile long Loup Canal, two powerhouses, a diversion dam and other facilities in 1933, bringing jobs and electricity to rural Nebraska.

The utility is celebrating its 80th anniversary in 2013 as the first public power district in the nation’s only all-public power state. The National Register of Historic Places lists the Loup hydroelectric system, which is being relicensed this year. Loup is also a founding member of the American Public Power Association.

Loup River Power District’s story is related in a new Public Power magazine article, “An Economic Engine.” Redirecting to a non-government site The article will be published in June in the magazine’s print edition. Source: Public Power Daily, 4/26/13