Energy Department creates PEV Readiness Scorecard

To help cities, counties and states put more plug-in electric vehicles (PEV) on the road, the Energy Department’s Clean Cities initiative created an online, interactive Plug-in Electric Vehicle Readiness Scorecard.

The Scorecard allows community managers to measure their regions’ current ability to meet the needs of electric vehicle drivers—their “PEV-friendliness.” Users calculate their scores by answering a series of multiple-choice questions based on best practices. The questions range from the time required to issue a residential charger permit to incentives available to PEV drivers.

Because a number of city agencies, non-governmental organizations and even local businesses may be involved in the decisions that affect PEV readiness, every Scorecard account allows multiple users to enter information for the same region.

Read more about the PEV Readiness Scorecard, and start your account today. Then you can share your score with Energy Services, and let other Western customers know what you are doing to become a PEV-friendly community.

Reader shares National Safety Month tip

While researching carbon monoxide alarms for National Safety Month, an alert website visitor discovered a broken link in an archived issue of Energy Services Bulletin–sadly, an all-too frequent occurance in the fast-changing world of energy efficiency and renewable energy. 

Happily, this reader sent Energy Services an e-mail to let us know about the broken link. Even better, she shared a resource that she found during her research: Carbon Monoxide: The Silent Killer. This page has a wealth of valuable information about how to identify and prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

We at Energy Services greatly appreciate hearing from our readers, whether you are reporting a broken link, sharing a helpful resource or commenting on a story. Breaking news and the Energy Services website  are meant to be interactive, so please do talk back.  And Happy National Safety Month!

Welcome to interactive Breaking News

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