AESP launches on-demand webcast series

For utility program managers and customer service representatives, keeping up with the latest in program design, implementation and evaluation has become a constant challenge. A new continuing education series from the Association for Energy Services Professionals You are leaving (AESP) can help them find time for professional development. The new webcast series explores topics like pilot programs, new technologies, changing customer behavior and distributed generation.

The on-demand format provides the convenience of a webinar, but with more depth on the subject matter. Participants can benefit from a customized agenda featuring multiple expert speakers and presentations. You can choose a convenient time and listen to all the presentations at once (3-4 hours) or split up over a couple of days. With AESP’s learning management system, you can pick up right where you left off, and even start over at any point. And, when you pay for a webcast, it is available to you for a full year.

AESP presented the first webcast in the series, All About Pilots – Program Design, Best Practices & Results, on May 15. The three-hour webcast features nine different presentations and 11 speakers covering the essentials of designing and implementing pilots including:

  • Key considerations in program design
  • Pitfalls to avoid
  • Previews of new concepts currently being piloted, including a Zero Net Energy home pilot, a demand management pilot, geotargeting for the agricultural market pilot, and an in-house Ecoconcierge pilot
  • Challenges faced and how to overcome them

All About Pilots is available now, however the Q&A board closes after two weeks after the webcast. Upcoming webcasts will focus on:

  1. Emerging Technologies, coming in July
  2. Behavior Change, coming in September
  3. Distributed Energy Resources & Storage, coming in November

It is not necessary to be a member of AESP to use the webcast, but the cost is discounted for AESP members. If you have any questions, please contact the AESP E-Learning Center.

Source: Association for Energy Services Professionals, 5/15/17

New social network spotlights emerging energy-efficiency technologies

Utility professionals who like to keep on top of the latest in energy-efficiency technology should check out the new online networking community, Energy-Efficiency Emerging TechnologyExternal link information, or E3T Connect.

Co-sponsored by Western and Bonneville Power Administration, E3T Connect brings together engineers, utilities, designers, policy-makers and others interested in energy efficiency to share resources and knowledge to advance emerging technologies.

E3T Connect has several sub-groups for members who are interested in specific topics. Those in the utility industry, particularly key account and member services managers, should check out the Energy Management group. The discussions in this group range broadly across technologies, systems and strategies that have the potential to reduce energy consumption at the consumer level. Other groups focus on individual technologies, such as lighting, motors and more.

You don’t have to be a member to browse the resources E3T Connect offers, but you need to join to participate in discussions and submit articles. Membership is free, however, so why not join? It’s your opportunity to help shape the future of energy efficiency.