Updated Cooling Tip Sheet, bill stuffer now available

Spring is here and it is time to start thinking about your cooling load—how to manage those hot weather peaks and what to tell customers when they call about their electric bills from those days. Better yet, you could talk to your customers now to prevent sticker shock later.

Energy Services has updated its popular seasonal fact sheet, The Tip Sheet: Cooling System Maintenance, and created a new bill stuffer version. Both pdfs are two-sided, four-color and allow room for you to customize with your utility’s logo. The 8.5-by-11-inch sheet makes a perfect quick and inexpensive handout for customer meetings, while the bill stuffer is designed to fit into a number nine envelope.

The Tip Sheet provides an overview of simple steps consumers can take to get the best cooling and energy performance from their air conditioners. On the front page you will find a check list of maintenance tasks, which units need that type of service, how to do it and why. The second side offers additional suggestions and websites where consumers can learn more about taking care of cooling systems.

Utilities that don’t have the time or the staff to develop outreach material can download the sheet or bill stuffer and imprint it with their logos, or contact Energy Services to set up the printer-ready artwork for you. Use your own printer to produce handouts as you need them, or take the master to a quick printer for more options.

The Tip Sheet and bill stuffer are the ultimate in flexible, convenient collateral material, and it is free to Western customers, including setup if required. If you don’t need assistance from Energy Services, we would appreciate knowing that you used The Tip Sheet. We also welcome your ideas for other single-page and bill stuffer material.