Riverside hits 5-MW mark for solar power

Western congratulates the city of Riverside, Calif., for reaching a solar milestone early this month by surpassing the 5-megawatt mark. A megawatt is enough to power about 650 homes.

More than 450 residential, commercial, and city-funded solar energy systems are now producing local, clean renewable energy in Riverside, said Riverside Public Utilities Redirecting to a non-government site.

A 7.35-kilowatt system at the California Citrus State Historic Park, located in the city’s historic orange grove greenbelt, plus a number of smaller residential projects that went on line the first week of September helped to push Riverside over the 5-MW mark.

Riverside has seen about a 1-MW increase in solar generation annually since 2009.

“A key component in our plan to create a clean and green city was to increase our use of renewable energy resources and to make those technologies available to our residents,” said Riverside Mayor Ronald O. Loveridge.

Riverside Public Utilities, which provides energy services to more than 106,000 metered customers in the city, currently gets nearly 20 percent of its total power mix from renewable energy resources. Source: Public Power Daily, 9/18/12