Free webinar explores energy audit program development

Tuesday, Oct. 18
12 noon Central Time

Some municipal utilities and electric cooperatives are working with community groups and local colleges to develop energy audit programs and new low-cost energy savings campaigns.

How to Expand Your Energy Audit CapabilitiesExternal link information will focus on how to accomplish energy audits that REALLY produce energy improvements. Participants will hear from a community organization that used an energy audit as a springboard to update a local rescue mission with energy-efficient upgrades and retrofits. There will also be a presentation from a municipal utility that is using energy audits to help promote their direct-install program.

Clean Energy Ambassadors hold free webinars from noon to 1 pm Central time (11 a.m. – noon Mountain) on the third Tuesday of each month. Because the events focus on needs of consumer-owned utilities, the discussion can be specific, candid and informal.

RegisterExternal link information for this free Webinar and to see the full line-up of CEA services and events. If you have any questions please contact Stevie Moe at 406-969-1040.