Follow energy-efficiency projects across the country

With demand on the rise and fossil fuels on the outs in some areas, utilities are turning more and more to energy efficiency to help them bridge the gap. To help utility professionals who may be navigating new territory, Energy Central has launched the Energy Efficiency Community Update,You are leaving a regular round-up of energy-saving projects around the nation.

The first update ranges from California’s challenges with the “duck curve” to energy policy developments in the state of New York. For WAPA customers, the Southwest Energy Efficiency Project recently completed a set of fact sheets reviewing the history and impacts of utility energy-efficiency programs in five states during 2008-15.

Join the password-protected community to follow energy-efficiency activities by municipal, state, federal and private entities (see the orange button in the upper right sidebar). Members are able to share their own projects and programs, post links and ask questions, as well.

Power providers in different regions face different challenges and issues, but we are all facing a rapidly evolving industry, and sharing ideas can be an indispensable tool for managing change. A utility program, even a thousand miles away, may plant the seed for your next big success.

Source: Energy Central, 8/31/16