Residential window treatments focus of next free Emerging Technologies webinar

Free webinar
June 19, 12 p.m. PDT 

Replacing windows—even with the latest technology—is not necessarily the most cost-effective way to manage what is basically a hole in the building envelope. The “Emerging Technologies Showcase” webinar series tackles the subject of residential window treatments June 19, at noon PDT.

Learn what’s new in window films, cellular shades and window panels, as well as storm windows. Experts will discuss and compare insulating properties, benefits, drawbacks and potential savings of different options. Presentations will highlight current research and offer a glimpse of the future.

Minimizing heat loss and gain through windows without spoiling a home’s view or décor presents a challenge to homeowners and utilities alike. Register today Redirecting to a non-government site for Residential Window Treatments to explore new solutions to improve comfort and reduce energy use for your residential customers.

This presentation describes window treatments such as window films, cellular shades, window panels, and storm windows, their insulating properties, benefits and drawbacks, and potential energy savings in the Pacific Northwest. Discussion also highlights current research and what to look for in the future.  A question and answer session follows the presentation.

The next Showcase in the series will be on July 17, 2013 at 12:00 p.m PDT.

Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) sponsors the Emerging Technologies Showcase series with support from Western Area Power Administration. These monthly webinars bring you the latest information about some of the promising energy efficiency technologies and practices that BPA is considering for future research opportunities or focus areas.

All webinars are recorded and available on the E3T website Redirecting to a non-government site and Conduit Redirecting to a non-government site.