Nominations open for 3iAwards to recognize innovation, ingenuity, inspiration

The Interstate Renewable Energy Council You are leaving (IREC) is calling for nominees for the IREC 3iAwards. The prestigious annual award searches the nation for innovative people, projects and programs that promote and accelerate the sustainable growth of clean energy. The IREC 3iAwards honor innovation, ingenuity and inspiration from the nation’s best in both renewable energy and energy efficiency. 3iAwards

“Every year IREC recognizes those who have creatively developed new approaches to advancing clean energy, because changing the status quo requires determination, innovation and persistence,” said IREC Board Chair David Warner. “With these awards, we honor the people who inspire us with exemplary projects and programs that increase renewable energy use and promote energy efficiency. And we encourage others to build on their successes.”

For the second year, the selection of IREC’s award winners in several categories will be in the hands of the public, with open voting dates to be announced. The opportunity for a variety of stakeholders and the community at large to weigh in brings even greater awareness and acknowledgement of the applicants and awardees. All applications must be received online by June 26, 2015.

IREC recognizes that renewable energy and energy efficiency play equally crucial roles in achieving a sustainable future. Traditionally, government, energy industries and educational systems view them separately, with little collaboration between programs. However, IREC’s awards are inclusive, with a specific award category for “Closing the Divide.” This award highlights innovative examples of initiatives that help close the divide between energy efficiency and renewable energy. Other nomination categories are:

  • Community Renewables Project of the Year
  • State and Local Government Initiative of the Year
  • IREC Accredited Clean Energy Training Provider of the Year
  • IREC Certified Clean Energy Trainer of the Year

Applications from or on behalf of extraordinary people, projects and programs in the clean energy arena will be accepted online through June 26 in all five categories.

The 3iAwards are made possible by the generous support of IREC’s corporate sponsors. For more information about sponsorship opportunities, contact Larry Sherwood at 518-621-7379.

Source: Interstate Renewable Energy Council, 5/7/15 

SEPA seeks board members

Utility members of the Solar Electric Power Association (SEPA) who would like to play a part in shaping the association’s short and long-term direction now have the opportunity to join SEPA’s board of directors. 

This year, the three seats up for election are all in the utility category of membership. One seat must be filled by a representative of a rural electric cooperative and the other two must be filled by representatives of regulated utilities (investor-owned, municipal, or rural cooperative).

The SEPA board meets three times per year; one meeting rotates through various locations throughout the country, one meeting occurs in conjunction with SEPA’s Utility Solar Conference and the third is held with Solar Power International. SEPA board members are volunteers who must cover travel costs to meetings, either individually or through their company. 

The nominating committee of the board is inviting members to submit their names as potential candidates for SEPA’s upcoming elections. To nominate yourself, or another individual, complete the nomination form by 11:59 pm, ET Friday, July 1, 2011.

Elections will be held electronically in July and August and the results will be publicly announced at the SEPA Annual Membership Meeting Tuesday, Oct. 18, in Dallas, Texas,  in conjunction with Solar Power International 2011.