Lunchtime Webinar makes case for cost-effectiveness of utility energy-efficiency programs

April 16, 12 p.m. Central Time
The Clean Energy AmbassadorsRedirecting to a non-government site return in April with a webinar that helps to answer a question faced by many utility program managers: Is launching an energy-efficiency program a good investment for our utility?

Creating and implementing a customer program from scratch takes time and—yes—money. The board of directors, and even upper management, may see such programs as costing the utility more than they return.

Helping Your Utility Understand the Cost Effectiveness of Energy Efficiency will introduce you to cost tests that can help utilities decide what energy-efficiency measures are worth it. Dave Houser, formerly with the National Center for Appropriate TechnologyRedirecting to a non-government site will walk participants through the tests and help them navigate the alphabet soup of the cost test world.   

The Lunchtime Webinar Series is a monthly presentation by the Clean Energy Ambassadors. The hour-long events help utilities save money and better serve their customers. The material specifically targets issues faced by consumer-owned power providers serving rural areas and small towns in the Great Plains and the West. Expect candid and informal discussions that encourage the sharing of ideas among peers. If you have any questions, please contact Conor Tokaz at 406-969-1040.