Energy Services Bulletin unveils new format for New Year

Change your bookmarks! Starting in January 2014, we are unleashing the power of the Internet to bring our customers more timely—and more useful—news, as Energy Services Bulletin moves to a regularly updated blog format.

The new format combines the best features of the monthly newsletter and Breaking News, the blog Energy Services introduced four years ago. Energy Services Bulletin will continue to explore best practices for energy efficiency and renewable energy development. We will still highlight the programs and policies Western customers use to successfully plan and manage their energy resources.

Like Breaking News, however, the blog will have a continuous publishing schedule. Readers will now get news about training resources, industry events and funding opportunities when they can use it, not when it fits into a monthly window. The world of utility resource management is changing every day, and our goal is to keep our customers current with the latest developments.

Some things change
The monthly email that used to announce new stories will now recap highlights of the previous month. But readers can subscribe to the RSS feed and check in to see what’s new throughout the month.

We believe readers will want to follow the blog because there will be more short, timely news items, along with the feature stories you expect from Energy Services Bulletin. These stories are a central reason for the change in format. Converting the newsletter to an electronic publication made it more accessible and sustainable. But sticking to the pre-Web, print-style schedule missed out on the most important feature of the digital age: instant publishing. We are excited about being able to provide our customers with utility industry news while it is still new.

Interactivity is another benefit of the blog format. Readers can now chime in with their own experiences, ideas and opinions. Those who have read Breaking News or other energy blogs will be familiar with this feature, but the opportunity to respond to feature stories is a first for our newsletter. All respectful, on-topic comments will be posted unedited. Check the comment policy to learn more about the guidelines.

Some stay the same
Energy Services Bulletin subscribers will continue to receive an announcement the first of each month as they always have. (If you don’t already receive the monthly email, subscribe now.)

The stories will still include links to businesses and individuals who are happy to answer your questions in more detail. The link to the Energy Events calendar is still on the front page, and, readers who prefer a hard copy will still be able to download previous issues.

Like the monthly announcement, the printable copies will highlight the prior month’s stories. Of course, if you want to turn a story about your utility into a bill stuffer or handout for member meetings, Energy Services is happy to set up a customized PDF for our customers. As always. 

Ever evolving
Finally, we will be taking advantage of another great feature of Internet publishing—interactivity. Not only are we eager to get your input on specific stories, we want to know what type of stories you find most valuable. We want to know if you are having a problem finding resources or contacts. We want your ideas, not only about the content you want to see in Energy Services Bulletin, but about the services we offer.

Actually, that part hasn’t changed much at all. The mission of Energy Services is to give Western customers the tools they need to meet their energy planning and management goals. The best tools are developed through dialogue. Blogging is just one more way for Western and its customers to communicate.

So join in the conversation by visiting the new Energy Services Bulletin regularly to comment, debate and share your stories. You won’t just be learning the latest industry news—you’ll be shaping it. Keep in touch.