Western customer’s feed-in tariff program featured in SEPA webinar

Feb. 21, 12 noon MST

Utility Feed-In Tariff Programs: Are We Getting Things Right?, presented by the Solar Electric Power Association Redirecting to a non-government site (SEPA), will feature Resource Planner Jon Abendschein speaking on his experiences with the City of Palo Alto Utilities Redirecting to a non-government site. The Western customer offers a feed-in tariff (FiT) to encourage consumers to install photovoltaic systems.  

FiT programs, in which utilities buy power from small independent electricity producers, have stimulated growth in solar installations to record levels around the world.  But U.S. utilities are a different breed, and may not be able to meet their local objectives by copying established programs. Join SEPA tomorrow to learn about the challenges utilities are encountering in home-grown FiT challenges and how they address them. 

The webinar will focus on FIT program design and execution to meet end objectives. The material will be of particular interest to strategic planners and renewable program staff, as well as solar industry stakeholders. Presentations will cover:

  • Examples of key utility FIT programs and lessons learned
  • How to evaluate FIT programs for effectiveness
  • How to successfully adapt programs to meet challenges

The cost is $199 for non-members, and free to SEPA members and the media (subject to verification).